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Current President of the club, John Anderson, can be reached via Facebook.

Lost a Disc?

Woodland Creek Park

Our goal is to be the most disc golf friendly course in the South Sound. In this regard Found discs will be called if marked. Otherwise they will be kept in the lost and found box for at least one basket-change cycle as they are changed on the 15th of the month. SO a disc found on the 14th of December would be kept for 1 month and a day in the box. After that period, owners will be called one last time before they are turned over to the club for disposal. 
Rick Gill 520 508 5229 has the ONLY key. Found discs will also be posted on the Facebook page: SPSDGA LOST and FOUND Box. During Friday Random doubles, I will be available to return discs. During the off season I will post when I am at Woodland Creek.

Package Express policy for lost and found discs that get turned in: all discs with numbers will be called and held for 30 days, after that time has passed the discs will be sold for $5 cash and that money will be donated back to SPSDGA. We are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am-6 pm and Saturday from 9 am- 3 pm. Discs can be picked up with a valid photo ID. We are located at 2103 Harrison Ave NW, Olympia, 98502.

View the SPSDGA lost and found Facebook page here.

Evergreen State College

Evergreen Disc Golf Club Lost Disc Return Policy

(our tossed and found box will be checked at least once per week.)
All discs with numbers will be texted then called and held for 15 days. If 15 days lapses with no contact/response they are considered abandoned. At that time, they will be donated to The Evergreen Disc Golf Club and used as loaner discs for students to help grow the sport and get students involved. Students then have the option to purchase the disc for $5 to provide them with an affordable way to try and buy discs. This money is used to fund the club and fund a very small amount of our expenses.

This model of attempting to contact, waiting period, then club acquisition/sale is an adopted model used by most disc golf clubs that manage a lost and found box. Our main difference is others do a 30 day wait, while we do a 15 day wait. This is due to student’s busy schedules and keeping things simple and lessening our “monitor” piles. Also, the club believes that 2 weeks is enough time to return a text/call.

15 days of no contact clarification 
our 15 days starts the day of the last contact. Meaning, if we text for a few days and we try and set up a meeting and do not hear back we start our 15 days on the last day we spoke with you.

The Evergreen Disc Golf Clubs goal is to reunite lost discs to as many players as possible. But we can’t make it our job to track people down.

Visit the Evergreen disc golf club's lost and found Facebook page here