2021 Bag Tags

How it works

When you sign up, you will receive a tag with a number. Once you have your tag, you are eligible for bag tag matches. In a bag tag match, a round of disc golf is played with any number of other people with tags. When the round is complete, the winner gets the lowest tag. If more than 2 people participate, the the tags are distributed among the players with the lowest score receiving the lowest tag number among competitors, second lowest score receiving the second lowest tag number, and so on. There are no specific rules for the round as long as all the competitors of the bag tag match agree upon them before the match starts.

SPSDGA Bag Tag Points

SPSDGA bag tags additionally keeps a tally of points throughout the bag tag season. In a bag tag round, you always receive 1 point for competing and additionally receive 1 point for each person you beat.

In any tournament, either bag tag event or other tournaments that contain more than 1 bag tag member, the points will be tallied for everyone within the tournament and is not limited to just the single card for that tournament.

The total points will be used for the final bag tag event where the top points earners will get to compete in the finals.

Lost your tag?

If you lose your tag, you can repurchase one for an additional $5.


You can email bagtags@spsdga.org or contact Joshua Kendall on Facebook.