2023 Bag Tags

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Travis Blodgett 363.00
Wesley Barnett 307.00
Tyler Howard 275.00
Tim Martin 269.00
Eli Wood 203.00
Eli Taube 191.00
Jev Franco 156.00
Daniel Knight 133.00
Jayson Johnson 76.00
Josh Kendall 54.00
Rob Beach 50.00
Ryan Bacon 43.00
Armando Enseñat 37.00
Randy Gaines, Jr 37.00
Lance Levine 35.00
Taylor Livingston 32.00
Luckie Bigelow 29.00
Randall Roberts 26.00
Danny G 25.00
Carl Bishop 24.00
Jeremy Marsh 23.00
Rob Cyr 23.00
Jake Ritter 18.00
Benjamin Chakuas 18.00
Stephen Williams 16.00
Jose Rivera 15.00
Kian Schultz 15.00
Chris Hatch 13.00
Ike D 12.00
Matt Higley 12.00
Marcus Rice 11.00
Martez Dunson 10.00
Matthew Hygh 9.00
Steve Pierce 8.00
Chris May 4.00
Kenneth Wheeler 0.00
Nathan Clark 0.00
Rick Gill 0.00
Brian Schilt 0.00
Daniel Trippi 0.00

You need to be a member of the SPSDGA in order to sign up for bag tags. You can do so here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/South_Puget_Sound_Disc_Golf_Association_Club_Membership_2023

In tag matches, you get 1 point for playing and 1 point for every person you beat, ties broken by lowest tag number. To submit a match, click the button above and fill in the players that participated. Add players in order of winner first, second place, etc. You can optionally add scores, but if you add scores, you must enter a score for everyone. Please review the results before finalizing your match to ensure points are correct.

There will be 7 events, once a month, at a course in the South Puget Sound with an additional championship round, 8 total rounds (2 in October). Winning one of the events 1-7 are what you need to qualify for the championship (8th event) & the remaining spots go to the top 13 point earners. 20 total spots for the championship. In bag tag events, you get an extra 5 points for playing in the event itself. In the case that that events winner has won a previous bag tag event, the spot is given to the next highest placing person.