February 2022 Club Meeting




212 4th Avenue E
Olympia, WA 98501
United States

At King Soloman's Reef 

Event Details

A meeting to discuss club finances, news, upcoming events, and all other things disc golf related in the south sound.

Meeting Notes



02/16/2022 6:00 At the Reef

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Jeff Snowden

At Large: Grandpa Dave



  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $7454.27 ($2587 is payments for veterans for vets) , Paypal $5576.74, Savings $14745,56 (WA Team Disc Golf Funds)
    2. Current assets:
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (GPD has both) Pop Up Canopy(Mark), Score point (Drew), large cooler (GPD)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh)
      3. Brush Trimmer (Josh), chain saw and gas can (John), Wheelbarrow (GPD)
      4. Club trailer with 18 Mach 5s, 1 Donated Mach 3 (Bellingham Rental) club will get trailer back on sunday
      5. 21 locks painted brown w/ trailer and the rental baskets (Bellingham)
    3. Keys to WCC Baskets (John, Mark, Rick, GPD, Josh, Jeff)
    4. Keys to Trailers baskets (GPD)
    5. SPSDGA Sign (Jeff)
    6. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland (Rick, GPD)
      2. Evergreen L&F box out of commission
    7. Traffic Cones (Gilberts and GPDs)
    8. Membership
      1. 2022 -  103
  2. New Agenda Items
    1. Trailer Update
      1. Getting the trailer back on sunday
      2. Vinyl and graphic on the trailer is getting looked into
        1. Club is getting estimates on vinyl graphics install for the trailer
    2. Evergreen Work Party
      1. This weekend at 9 am.  Gravel trailer will be delivered by Ben
        1. Liability waiver will required for all folks in attendance
        2. Bring shovels, wheel barrows, work gloves and a attitude to work
      2. What is needed for future work parties?
        1. Lability waiver every time, and then a yearly waiver for each person
    3. Doubles for Woodland Creek
      1. Who is going to run?
        1. Mark will be primary for this year
          1. Rob Beach - Possible secondary
          2. Chris May - Possible Secondary
      2. When do we start it this year (traditionally its after spring forward)
        1. Doubles will start Friday April 1st, discs in the air at 5:30
    4. Recognition of Platinum Donors
      1. Platinum donors are folks that have paid $100 donation on top of their normal club fee
        1. So far this year we have 4 platinum donors
      2. Motion made to place them on the home page of our website
        1. Seconded
        2. Club members that are platinum donors will be placed on the clubs website main page
    5. Club Pop Up Shelter
      1. Mobile SPSDGA shelter with custom printed designs
      2. Design will mimic the trailer design
      3. John will confirm pricing and design
        1. Board will vote on final design prior to approving purchase
    6. Veterans for Vets Final Recap
      1. Raised $2600 this year for the Shelton Vets tiny home community
    7. Greg Couio Park Update
      1. It went to city council and the initial master plan was approved by the city
      2. Disc Golf is in the 1st phase of the park
      3. SPSDGA will maintain the courses once the course is installed
      4. Initial master plan calls for 18 hole course first than additional 18 hole course in the future.
    8. Website Update
      1. 1st priority is platinum members to be included on the site
      2. Making the club notes better on the site
      3. Creating a spot to allow you to input volunteer hours on the site to better allow the club to track hours
      4. Bag tags will continue from the system that started in 2021
    9. How do more events in the South Sound happen?
      1. What entails running an event?
        1. Lots of moving parts
        2. Mark and Jeff are willing to train folks on how to run successful events
      2. South Sound area could be drawing folks from Portland area or Seattle more if more events are run
      3. Our club has courses that people like and events that are run smoothly
      4. The club in general needs more people to step up and learn how to run events, host doubles, run leagues, and learn how to do all the behind the scenes moving parts
        1. If you are interesting in being a do-er please reach out to member of the board


  1. 2022 Events
    1. Odus Spring and Fall Opens
      1. Odus Spring Open
        1. April 16th and 17th 2022
        2. Sold Out quickly
        3. Get on the waitlist if you want to play
        4. No changes from last year
          1. Tee Times
          2. Lunch
          3. Player Packs
      2. Odus Fall Open
        1. Sept 16-18 2022
        2. 1st round at Evergreen
        3. 2nd and 3rd rounds at Delphi
        4. 3 day event this year
    2. Woodland Creek Classic 10 Presented by PackEx Disc Golf and Driven by Innova Discs
      1. Early signups sold out in 18 min.  Lots of club members are frustrated with the PDGA rules for early access
        1. Future classics could be 1 full day for AMs, and 1 full day for Pros to allow for more spots
          1. C Tier Status should stay though
          2. We could also add an invitational for only club members XC tier status running the Classic layout
          3. SPS Invitational
            1. New event Idea
            2. On 20 hole WCC layout
            3. Club membership required
            4. No player packs, trophies only, and “gift card” to PackEx Disc Golf
      2. General Reg goes live Feb 22nd at 7:30 for those that didn’t make early sign ups
      3. Donations are being accepted for raffle items
      4. Help is needed to prepare the course for the tournament
        1. Future announcements will be made for work parties to prepare for the event
    3. South Sound Classic Presented by PackEx Disc Golf and Sponsored by Dynamic Discs
      1. August 5-7th 2022
      2. Plan is to use Woodland Creek, Evergreen, and Delphi
        1. Plan is to play Delphi 1st day(Friday), Woodland 2nd day(Saturday), and Evergreen 3rd day (Sunday)
  2. Course Updates
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Tee signs for new holes are being designed
      2. WCC Hole 12 Tee Pad??
        1. Idea to put a new tee pad in there to allow for easier access to the classic
        2. Tabled for now and we can revisit later this year
    2. Delphi
      1. Gravel delivered to finish out 5 of the tee pads saturday
      2. Tee posts and tee signs need done
        1. John is designing the tee signs for delphi
    3. Evergreen
      1. Hole 3 culvert is being installed saturday
      2. Tee signs need done
      3. Trees need removed and cleared
      4. Concrete pour - Hole 7 and hole 9 needs gravel placed there to clean up the tees
  3. New Disc Golf Course Leads
  4. Anything Missed
    1. Bag Tags
      1. April, May?
      2. Events are TBD
      3. 6-8 month league proposed this year
      4. Rick would be willing to do tags and trophies for the bag tag season this year




  1. Thank you for being SPSDGA