December 2022 Club Meeting




212 4th Avenue E
Olympia, WA 98501
United States

At King Soloman's Reef, in the back

Event Details

Meeting to discuss club finances, news, past event, upcoming events and other disc golf related things in the south sound.

Meeting Notes

12/16/2021 6:00 At the Reef

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall  

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Jeff Snowden

At Large: Grandpa Dave

  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $5510.89, Paypal $3313.29 ($2063 is payments for veterans for vets) , Savings $7970.39 (WA Team Disc Golf Funds)
    2. Current assets: 
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (GPD has 1, and John has 1) Pop Up Canopy(GPD), Score point (GPD), large cooler (GPD)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh) 
      3. Brush Trimmer (Josh), chain saw and gas can (Mark), Wheelbarrow (GPD)
      4. Club trailer with 18 Mach 5s, 1 Donated Mach 3 (Bellingham Rental)
      5. 21 locks painted brown w/ trailer and the rental baskets (Bellingham)
    3. Keys to WCC Baskets (John, Mark, Rick, GPD, Josh, Jeff) 
    4. Keys to Trailers baskets (GPD)
    5. SPSDGA Sign (Jeff) 
    6. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland (Rick, GPD)
      2. Evergreen (Mark)
    7. Traffic Cones (Gilberts and GPDs) 
    8. Membership -  2021 - Final 108
      1. 2022 -  51
  2. New Agenda Items
    1. Woodland Creek Expansion Progress Update
      1. Tee pads have been poured
      2. Woodchips placed near baskets and wood chips
      3. Lumber tee signs will be built and placed in 2022
      4. Tee signs will be designed and a new course map
        1. Kiosk map and tee sign updates will be coming 2022
          1. Jeff will work with Rick on yardage and tee signs
    2. Glow Golf Recap
      1. We had about 10 people and the weather wasn’t really good
      2. Lots of houses with lights and its really hard to establish night vision with glow golf
      3. LED glow sticks worked fairly well
        1. May die in the middle of the round depending on the batteries
    3. Quack of Dawn Recap
      1. 8 week league is complete
      2. Summary will be turned into the PDGA in the next week
      3. Ratings will count in Jan
      4. Raised $1275 for the club
      5. Crappy weather 6 of the 8 weeks
      6. Lowest count was 17
      7. Motion made for all money raised by Quack of Dawn league to go to Odus Spring and Fall opens at Delphi will be split 50/50 between the tournaments 
        1. 2nd 
        2. Passed
    4. Bottle Cap Discs
      1. New Run?
        1. We are out of Team Oly Stamped discs
        2. Innova or Discraft for the stamped discs
        3. Collaboration with Team Oly partners
          1. The Reef logo on the disc?
        4. Motion made to purchase 100-200 team Oly stamped discs
          1. Motion 2nded
          2. Motion passed 
    5. Temp Baskets and Trailer Update
      1. Paid for the 1st month but late for the 2nd month payment
      2. We need to make sure the contract has a clause about non payment terms and collection of assets
  3. Future Events 2022
    1. Woodland Creek Classic 10 Presented by PackEx Disc Golf and Driven by Innova Discs
      1. April 30th 2022 day after will be BYOP Doubles for SSC on the WCC layout
      2. Donations are being accepted for Raffle
        1. Contact Mark or Jeff Snowden for that
      3. If you have any memorabilia from previous events please contact Jeff to have them displayed during the event at tournament central 
    2. South Sound Classic Presented by PackEx Disc Golf and Sponsored by Dynamic Discs
      1. August 5-7th 2022
      2. McAllister is no longer being used
      3. Plan is to use Woodland Creek, Evergreen, and Delphi
        1. Plan is to play Delphi 1st day, Woodland 2nd day, and Evergreen 3rd day
    3. Odus Spring and Fall Opens 
      1. Odus Spring
        1. April 16th and 17th 2022
      2. Odus 
        1. Sept 16-18 2022
        2. 1st round at Evergreen
        3. 2nd and 3rd rounds at Delphi
    4. DD Marksman Putting League
      1. Call into South Bay Grange 
        1. See if they have a weeknight available for 6 weeks for putting league
        2. Not confirmed but more to come
        3. Check social media for updates
    5. Veterans for Vets
      1. 70 players out of 90 
      2. Jan 8th at Shelton Springs
      3. 1 round, unsanctioned
      4. $25 bucks
      5. Funds go to Quixote Village
      6. Raffle for Veteran basket will be happening again this year
    6. PackEx Cup
      1. Formal announcement in January 
      2. 12 events in 2022
  4. Course Updates 
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. See above
    2. Delphi
      1. 5 more tee pads need finished
      2. Tee signs need done
        1. No stipulations on the tee signs right now
    3. Evergreen
      1. Bridge on 3 needs desperately replaced or filled with gravel
        1. We need to work with Evergreen to get approval on this asap
  5. New Disc Golf Course Leads
    1. Nothing at this time
  6. Anything Missed
    1. Evergreen Sunday Dubs
      1. Avg of 16-20 per week
      2. For team golf season we may shut down sunday dubs
        1. Formal announcement on social media if we go this route
    2. Furies of the Fort at Delphi
      1. All women’s tournament
      2. 20 hole layout, layout is on Udisc, 22 ladies signed up, 2 rounds same day
  7. Next Club Meeting will be Feb 16th 2022

Thank you for being SPSDGA