2024 January Club Meeting



414 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501
United States

At Wildman Brew Pub

Event Details

We will be discussing everything disc golf in the South Sound. We will also be raffling off a one year disc golf membership to Delphi Golf Course. In order to be eligible for the raffle you must be a current 2024 member of the SPSDGA and you must be present at the meeting. Come join the best darn disc golf club in Olympia.

Meeting Notes

1/18/2024 6:30 pm, At Wildman Gastropub

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Rob Beach

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Josh Kendall

At Large: Grandpa Dave

Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Gill





Prev Mo


Additional notes




$700 to lewis county





Savings (WATDG)



Will be gone by end of next month




2x tables (burned)


2x tables (non-burned)


1x Pop up canopy

Mark (Will be disposed of, unusable)

1x Score point


1x Large water cooler


SPSDGA branded canopy


3x throwing nets (up one)

2x at Wildman 1x GPD



Club discs (~140 Trilogy discs)


Glow discs


2 brush trimmers 2x gas cans

Evergreen Sportsman Club

Chainsaw + 1 gas can + acc

Rob (Chains need to be sharpened)



Club trailer w/ 17 Mach 5s, 1 practice basket


2 Mach 5s


Keys to WCC Baskets (Evergreen Sportsman Club locks)

John, Mark, GPD, Josh, Rob, Rick

Keys to basket trailer

John has extra, Mark, GPD



Keys to L&F (Woodland)

GPD, John, Rob, Rick, KennyG

Keys to L&F (Evergreen) Out of commission

Rob, John, Mark, KennyG

Traffic cones

Trailer, GPD, Gilby


  1. Membership
    1. 2024 - 62
  2. Old business
    1. None
  3. 2023 Events
    1. Quack of Dawn
      1. Average 24-30 people.
      2. League went well, but wasn’t as popular as last year.
      3. Little over $600 raised for Odus.
  4. New business
    1. TD for Senior Games
      1. John asked Rick if he wanted to run it, he said yes.
      2. Rick has contact info, thank you Rick.
    2. Tup Rung beer fundraiser
      1. 50 cases, 24 per case
      2. Willing to split the amount with Delphi so we can run the beer.
      3. We are a non profit, so we can get a permit to sell alcohol to people.
      4. Possibly pre-sell cases to help alleviate the burden.
      5. Next step: 
        1. Josh will notify Delphi and then contact Cody as Top Rung.
        2. Need to develop a label.
        3. Need to market the beer.
        4. Beer name ideas: “The Layup Lager”, “Double Bogey IPA”.
        5. $6/can, $4/can per case.
    3. Evergreen dubs during team golf
      1. Robert Laplant will try out for running it. See how it goes.
      2. Jeremy Fornier said he would run it as well.
      3. Jeremy Marsh said he would be willing sometimes.
      4. Jules said he would be willing sometimes also.
    4. Chandler and Ella fundraiser
      1. Probably not enough time to coordinate.
    5. Glow golf at WCP
      1. Justin Beard (Parks and Rec) gave his blessing. If it’s like dubs, he doesn’t see a problem.
      2. Start around 6, finish at 8.
      3. Josh made a motion to allow Rob to buy glow supplies. Motion passed.
      4. Rob will start the league tomorrow.
      5. $10: $6 to payout, $1 to ace, $1 to cta, $1 to glow suppies, $1 to club
    6. 2024 Club fundraiser discs
  5. 2024 Events
    1. Packex Disc Golf South Sound Classic - A Tier
      1. Snowden is working on artwork. Thank you Jeff.
      2. Friday Delphi, Sat Shelton (Timber claw), Sun Evergreen.
      3.  BYOP dubs TBD this year due to conflict with Team Golf.
      4. Dynamic main sponsor.
    2. Oduses
      1. Olympic Orthopedic donating $1000 for each event.
      2. Quack adds cash.
      3. No changes in format.
      4. 61 players registered.
      5. $50 hole sponsor.
    3. Windfall Masters - June 15, 16.
      1. Evergreen both days.
      2. Disc Golf Masters Tour is TBD on being there.
    4. SPSDGA Invitational March 23
      1. 16 people signed up. Saturday before team golf.
    5. Woodland Creek Classic
      1. Justin is concerned about bridge construction and the WCC date.
      2. TBD on if date chosen will work depending on plan for bridge work.
  6. Course Updates and ongoing work 
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. A new contract will be signed in the coming. Nothing changed.
      2. 3 events allowed under contract.
      3. Branches were cut off the bottom of 1 and 9.
      4. Winter positions.
      5. Glow golf
    2. Delphi
      1. Practice basket is installed. Thank you Delphi for the donated membership.
      2. Hole 7 and 8 puddles have not been addressed yet.
      3. Josh will ask committee about sand to fill tee pads.
      4. Cell tower at Delphi might divert hole 3 temporarily.
    3. Evergreen State college
      1. More wood chips on 1 with leftovers.
      2. More chips on hole 4.
      3. Tree on hole 4 is cleared out.
      4. Rob plans to do more work on hole 4. Cut up rounds and place around hole 1. Tentatively Saturdays where there is no team golf.
      5. Cell tower - no new news, might not be adding a cell tower.
      6. tossed&found - no updates
      7. John and Tim Sharp will be running a saturday morning league at Evergreen to raise funds for Windfall Masters.
      8. Waiting on pouring concrete for tossed and found
      9. Mulch isn’t free, but only $50
      10. Thank you Rob and co. for all the work.
    4. Evergreen Sportsman’s Club
      1. They said we can burn stuff. The fire dept needs to be notified and can only be an 8x8 area.
    5. Cuoio Park
      1. John met today with people, construction starts Feb 2025.
      2. Big hold up was water retention strategy.
      3. No design changes.
      4. Budget has concerning items, e.g. $20k for signage. They made a list to work with us on to see what items we can take over and allow them to remove off the budget.
  7. Basket rentals
    1. David Green made an inquiry, rates were too high.
    2. Josh Larson might rent baskets again for Swan Creek.
    3. Need to market it better
  8. New Disc Golf Course Leads
    1. Org from Capital Little League is looking for new land and wants to have a plan for using the land other than baseball. The course would not be ideal and they would want to charge, so maybe not a promising lead.
  9. Putting League
    1. Small crowd, at Wildman
    2. Jules is enjoying it.
    3. Putting stations. Gives more time for people who can be there by 6.
    4. With smaller crowd, format for putting stations is better. If more people come, it will become a random draw doubles, with double elimination.
    5. Jules wants to keep doing it until they say he can’t.
  10. Anything Missed
    1. Someone inquired about tags for legacy members. No plans at this time.
  11. Thank you for being SPSDGA