2024 February Club Meeting




414 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501
United States

At Wildman BrewPub

Event Details

We will be talking about disc golf and listening to Irish music. Join the fun!

Meeting Notes

2/12/2024 6:30 pm, At Wildman Gastropub

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Rob Beach

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Josh Kendall

At Large: Grandpa Dave

Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Gill





Prev Mo


Additional notes




$700 to lewis county




Big chunk veteran for vets

Savings (WATDG)



Most likely down to $0 by this weekend (money to Sam Huff and Delphi green fees)




2x tables (burned)


2x tables (non-burned)



1x Score point


1x Large water cooler


SPSDGA branded canopy


3x throwing nets (up one)

2x at Wildman 1x John



Club discs (~150 Trilogy discs)


Glow discs


2 brush trimmers 2x gas cans

Evergreen Sportsman Club

Chainsaw + 1 gas can + acc

Rob (Chains need to be sharpened)



Club trailer w/ 16 Mach 5s, 1 practice basket


2 Mach 5s


Keys to WCC Baskets (Evergreen Sportsman Club locks)

John, Mark, GPD, Josh, Rob, Rick

Keys to basket trailer

John has extra, Mark, GPD



Keys to L&F (Woodland)

GPD, John, Rob, Rick, KennyG (Mark to get one)

Keys to L&F (Evergreen) Out of commission

Rob, John, Mark, KennyG

Traffic cones

Trailer, GPD, Gilby


  1. Membership
    1. 2024 - 70
  2. Old business
    1. Top Rung beer fundraiser
      1. Codi doesnt work for Top Rung, have to start the conversation over.
      2. Waiting to hear back from them since we have a new contact.
      3. Delphi golf course committee meeting tomorrow and Josh will get final answer.
      4. 1 kind of beer.
      5. Layup lager or risky reward IPA.
    2. Glow golf at WCP
      1. Thanks Rob for running, he is enjoying it.
      2. 8, 8, 14 people playing.
      3. Starts when the sun goes out.
      4. Security closes the gates at 9. If staying later, park outside the gate.
    3. 2024 Club Discs
      1. We want to do it and we have the money.
      2. 200 discs will be just over $2000.
      3. Small bottlecap stamp on Innova discs.
      4. Can get 20 different mold. Try for light weight discs.
      5. Voted yes to spend money on discs.
    4. Putting league
      1. Still happening. Jules not present for update.
  3. New business
    1. Veteran for Vets recap
      1. 72 players, weather was good.
      2. 31 vets, ~$2700 raised for charity.
      3. ~$1700 from raffles.
  4. 2024 Events
    1. Packex Disc Golf South Sound Classic - July 19-21 A Tier
      1. It’ll take place
      2. Registration opens TBD
    2. Oduses
      1. Spring Open is full - same format.
      2. Olympia Orthopedic sending a check for $2000 to split across two tournaments. Thank you.
      3. 13 tee sponsors at $50.
      4. Very likely the Odus Fall open will be 6 (3 rounds per division) different rounds of shotgun start. This will help to keep people around for awards ceremony.
      5. The whole odus fall open will be strokes driven instead of points driven for the first round.
    3. Windfall Masters - June 15, 16.
      1. Early reg for hole sponsors Feb 15
      2. Dirty Birdy is going to be a sponsor - $1500, need to buy 80 player’s packs.
      3. 2 rounds at evergreen - 100 spots reserved for age protected.
    4. SPSDGA Invitational March 23
      1. 20 people signed up so far
      2. Mark will keep plugging it.
      3. BYOP will follow the next day. Hopefully doesn’t conflict with team golf too much.
    5. Woodland Creek Classic
      1. Still going.
      2. No bridge updates yet.
    6. Early morning at evergreen
      1. 11 people signed up this saturday
      2. Do not need to be current with PDGA
      3. Day of ok, bring cash.
      4. Ace pot
  5. Course Updates and ongoing work 
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Tree trimming on hole 8, trail side. Dropped a bunch of limbs in other basket position.
      2. New contract was signed, nothing was changed.
    2. Delphi
      1. New construction on cell tower will move the fence about 15 feet closer to tee pad, so OB will change slightly for tournaments.
      2. Delphi has asked if the club can help tell people to stay off greens unless they need to retrieve a disc.
      3. Josh will try and find drain hole for hole 7 so water can be diverted.
    3. Evergreen State college
      1. Hole 1’s island is still really awesome.
      2. New tee sign will be going up soon.
      3. New lost and found box is almost done. $300 was approved to spend on a custom fabricated metal box.
      4. Concrete will be poured when box is finished.
    4. Evergreen Sportsman’s Club
      1. No new news.
    5. Cuoio Park
      1. Will get a separate contract from the parks dept.
      2. They will have a basket sponsorship program so that John can advertise it. We don’t know if it’s basket wraps or basket toppers yet.
  6. Basket rentals
    1. No new news
  7. New Disc Golf Course Leads
    1. Kennydell park has a proposal submitted to build a course there.
  8. Anything Missed
  9. Thank you for being SPSDGA