2023 July Club Meeting




414 4th Ave E
Olympia, WA 98501
United States

Wildman's Gastropub

Event Details

A place to discuss all things disc golf in the south sound.

Meeting Notes

7/10/2023 6:30 pm, At Wild Man Brewing Gastropub

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall  

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Rob Beach

At Large: Grandpa Dave (not present)

Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Gill

  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $12702.51, Paypal $8030.40, Savings $6498.50 (Washington Team Disc Golf account)
    2. Current assets: 
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (Mark), Pop Up Canopy (Mark), Score point (Mark), large cooler (GPD), SPSDGA Branded Pop Up Canopy (John), 2 Throwing Nets (1 at John’s, 1 at Mark’s), A-frames for SPSDGA Events (GPD)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh) , Team Oly MVP-stamped discs (Shop has 8, Mark has 3) 
      3. Brush Trimmer - Old (Evergreen Sportsman),  Brush Trimmer - New (Evergreen Sportsman), chain saw and accessories (Evergreen Sportsman), Wheelbarrow (GPD), 
      4. Club trailer with 19 Mach 5s & 1 practice basket at GPD, A-frames (see above)
      5. Keys to WCC Baskets & Evergreen sportsman club (John, Mark, GPD, Josh, Jeff, Rob, Rick)
    3. Keys to Trailers baskets  (John has extra, Mark has set for trailer, GPD has full set that goes with trailer)
    4. SPSDGA Sign (Packex)
    5. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland (GPD, John, Rob, Rick, Mark) - Need to add one to the binder
      2. Evergreen L&F (Rob, John A, Mark, and Dubs Binder (McCarty))
    6. Traffic Cones (Trailer, GPD, Gilbys)
    7. Membership
      1. 2023 - 146 (No change)
  2. Old business
    1. Damaged excavator rental update
      1. Concluded, took ~$500 for the insurance deductible.
      2. Good news, didn’t have to pay the ~$8000 to repair.
  3. New Agenda Items
    1. Purchase “caution: flying discs” signs to place at courses.
      1. Some blind shots at WCP, would be good to have signs to warn non-disc golfers about possible discs in the air.
      2. Worried about vandalism, should we come up with a plan or just pay to replace them as they get vandalised
        1. Put them high, should reduce chances of vandalism
      3. 13 potentials signs needed at WCP
        1. Hole 10 is most needed
        2. One on each side of the main pathway
        3. Rick volunteers to make signs - 3 for now
      4. Possibly discuss with Justin Beard about how to handle
        1. John to talk to Justin
    2. Tee pad harvest work party July 15.
      1. One party from out of town that is interested
      2. Show up at 10am-ish
      3. Rob Beach to operate the forklift to move turf, John will meet them out there as well.
      4. ~7.5’x~40’, should make 3 tee pads per “sheet”.
      5. Minimum cut 27 for us, 18 for other party.
    3. 2023 Events
      1. South Sound Classic
        1. Sponsors for all the holes, Jeff to do caddy book tonight
        2. All player pack items are in
        3. Evergreen needs OB lines
        4. Spotter needed for 12,16 at WCP. Van Dusen said he’s interested in spotting.
        5. 155 registrants (97 AMs, ~54 pros)
      2. Super Throw Sunday
        1. No sign ups, might be canceled
      3. Woodland Creek Classic
        1. Open up after SSC
        2. Mark to leg-work next week-ish
        3. AMs sat, Pros sun
        4. Player’s pack Innova discs, umbrella
      4. Evergreen Equinox Fall Event - Sept 2-3
        1. 1 day, 2 rounds
        2. 24 signed up currently
        3. $500 added cash, $300 ace-pot
      5. Odus Fall Open
        1. Start adding some players who have officially qualified
        2. Need to figure out how many open spots for non Odus players
        3. Over $2000 ace pot
  4. 2023 Events that have completed
    1. Trilogy Challenge
      1. Sold out minus 2
    2. Equinox Dubs Fundraiser
      1. Raised funds, helped build added cash and ace pot.
  5. Course Updates and ongoing work 
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Bees between 2/7
      2. Hole 11 might need attention, lawn mowing
      3. Hole 7/8 need some attention, lawn mowing, weeding, trimming
    2. Delphi
      1. Tee pad for hole 1 has been updated
        1. Need to go through additional channels before doing work out there.
      2. Hole 8 needs some help with mud
        1. Drainage for that area is there, just need to find it and keep it clear
        2. Tried to find the drainage, couldn’t find it.
      3. Hole 12, 13 need trimming.
        1. Josh to trim with brush hog
    3. Evergreen
      1. Plans next weekend to trim low-hanging limbs, clearing more on 4 (fallen tree)
      2. hole 7 basket to go into the rock possibly. Still waiting on person to help.
      3. Evergreen is getting thick.
      4. Need more woodchips for 1 and other areas, would be nice to have a solid structure for elevated basket
      5. Inquire about concrete pad for dropzone at 1. Maybe use turf
    4. Evergreen Sportsman’s Club
      1. Work in progress (still), kind of on a break until busy season is over.
      2. Need to get 10 yards of gravel for tee pads
        1. Should be ~$270 for gravel
      3. Need a better plan for moving stuff: bigger machines, burn piles?
  6. New Disc Golf Course Leads
  7. Anything Missed
  8. Thank you for being SPSDGA