2023 January Club Meeting




Don Garcia's

4660 Whitman Ln SE suite C
Lacey, WA 98513
United States

At Don Garcia's, for dinner buffet.

Event Details

A place to discuss all things disc golf in the South Sound.

Meeting Notes

1/30/23 6:30 pm, At Don Garcias

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Jeff Snowden

At Large: Grandpa Dave



  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $4211.13, Paypal $8039.45, Savings $11,130.41 (Washington Team Disc Golf account)
    2. Current assets:
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (Mark) Pop Up Canopy(GPD), Score point (GPD), large cooler (GPD), SPSDGA Branded Pop Up Canopy (John)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh) , Team Oly  MVP stamped discs (board members sans Josh)
      3. Brush Trimmer - Old (GPD),  Brush Trimmer - New (GPD) chain saw and accessories (Rob), Wheelbarrow (GPD)
      4. Club trailer with 18 Mach 5s, 1 Donated Mach 3 w/ 21 locks painted brown w/ trailer and the rental baskets, A Frames (Rented)
    3. Keys to WCC Baskets (John, Mark, GPD, Josh, Jeff, Rob, Rick)
    4. Keys to Trailers baskets  (John has extra, set with trailer)
    5. SPSDGA Sign (Jeff)
    6. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland ( GPD, John, Rob, Rick, Dubs Binder)
      2. Evergreen L&F (Rob, John, and Dubs Binder)
    7. Traffic Cones (Trailer, GPD, Gilbys)
    8. Membership
      1. 2023 - 95
  2. New Agenda Items
    1. Membership Updates
      1. Website is going well, a few road bumps around determining if someone is a member prior to 2018
      2. A few backlogged to add to the website still
      3. These will roll into our league on the website
      4. People have been asking about being able to choose their own number
        1. Policy is you get what you get, no exceptions
    2. Windfall Masters Cup
      1. Happening May 13-14, 40 and older, and after 50 years old its every 5 years just like senior games
      2. Shelton Spring and Evergreen State College
      3. Innova Sponsoring it
      4. Reg will open Feb 6th for hole sponsors ($100 per hole sponsor) then two weeks later for everyone else
    3. Projects at Every Course
      1. Evergreen Sportsmans Club
        1. Stakes and ribbon will be placed
        2. Excavator and bob cat will be needed
        3. Work will most likely be a saturday
        4. If you know someone that is a machine operator please send them towards the SPSDGA board members
      2. Delphi
        1. Redoing the area around 1 and creating a shelter area for tournament check in
      3. Evergreen
        1. Hole 1 is completed with the island - this will be optional
        2. Tee Signs are being worked on and should be done end of February
      4. Woodland
        1. Nothing currently
    4. Bag Tag League Updates
      1. Still working on the software solution that integrates into the website
      2. Rob is taking over the league
      3. Tags will be used again
      4. League will start after Spring Equinox and Odus Spring Open - End of April-ish
    5. 2023 Events
      1. Super Throw Saturday
        1. Triples event at Delphi
        2. Saturday after Super Bowl
        3. Feb 18th
        4. Safari Layout - 30 holes
        5. Fundraiser for the Odus events
      2. Odus Spring Open
        1. April 15-16, 2023
      3. SPSDGA Member Invitational
        1. May 6th - Woodland Creek 20 hole layout
      4. South Sound Classic BYOP Doubles
        1. May 7th - Raising funds for the A tier
      5. Windfall Open
        1. May 13th and 14th
        2. B Tier - Masters Tournament 40 and over
        3. Shelton Springs
        4. Evergreen
      6. South Sound Classic
        1. July 28th, Delphi
        2. July 29th, Woodland Creek
        3. July 30th, Evergreen
        4. Mark Hill and Jeff Snowden are TDs
        5. We are looking for more business sponsors for the event
      7. Woodland Creek Classic
        1. Sept 30th - Oct 1st
      8. viii. Odus Fall Open
        1. Sept 16-17th 2023
        2. Finale for PackEx Cup
      9. Evergreen Equinox
        1. Spring Event - April 1st
          1. Signups are Live
        2. Fall Event - Sept 2-3
  3. Old Business
    1. Purchasing Equipment for SPSDGA
      1. Nets and Practice Basket
        1. Club already has a Mach 5 and the club will purchase a portable base
        2. Practice Nets
  4. Course Updates
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Black Hole basket at Woodland Creek
    2. Delphi
    3. Evergreen
  5. New Disc Golf Course Leads
  6. Anything Missed
    1. John and Mark are meeting with an accountant to try to put the club into 501 Non-Profit status
  7. Thank you for being SPSDGA