2022 September Club Meeting




2200 Garfield Ave NW Ste 1
Olympia, WA 98502
United States

At O'malleys on the west side.

Event Details

A place to disc all things disc golf in the south sound.

Meeting Notes



09/29/2022 6:30 pm, At Westside Lanes (O’Malleys)

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Jeff Snowden

At Large: Grandpa Dave



  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $9,009.42, Paypal $1342.90, Savings $11,856.29 (Washington Team Disc Golf account)
      1. Request 1 time per year to have detailed financials “year in review” of financials
    2. Current assets:
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (Mark) Pop Up Canopy(Mark), Score point (???), large cooler (GPD)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh) , Team Oly  MVP stamped discs (board members sans Josh)
      3. Brush Trimmer (GPD), chain saw and accessories (Rob B), Wheelbarrow (GPD)
      4. Club trailer with 18 Mach 5s, 1 Donated Mach 3 w/ 21 locks painted brown w/ trailer and the rental baskets, A Frames (Rented)
    3. Keys to WCC Baskets (John, Mark, Rick, GPD, Josh, Jeff)
    4. Keys to Trailers baskets are with trailer (John has extra, Mark has extra door key, set with trailer)
    5. SPSDGA Sign (Jeff)
    6. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland (Rick, GPD, John and Dubs Binder)
      2. Evergreen L&F (Rob, John, and Dubs Binder)
    7. Traffic Cones (Trailer, GPD, Gilbys)
    8. Membership
      1. 2022 -  158
  2. New Agenda Items
    1. 2022 Year in Review
      1. Year in review will be released in November for the clubs 2022 accomplishments across the south sound
    2. Bag Tag Update
      1. 2 more events left, 1st one is this Saturday
      2. Last bag tag event is Oct 22 followed by finals, finals is invite only
      3. $500 added cash for finals between top 8 for finals
    3. Membership
      1. Numbered Membership
        1. Legacy Numbers, forever #’s just like the PDGA
        2. Reserved the 1st 100 numbers for our oldest members and developed a VIP list for guaranteed numbers
        3. Where do we want the cut off to be for the under 100 numbers?
          1. 2018 and before we could send invites to to get #s 30-100
      2. Member Keychains
        1. Do we want to do numbered membership keychains that people could use for bag tags, similar to the dog tags we did before
        2. If you sign up for the club you get a key chain but you have to pick them up at PackEx and its first come first serve
        3. Put up to vote and it has passed that next year the club will provide with membership signups a keychain with a number that can be used casually for rounds
      3. Membership Timeline
        1. Beginning of oct roughly sending out communication to legacy members prior to 2018 you get first choice of registration for 2023 early, first come first serve you get a chance to get a # below 100, early reg would be middle of oct for legacy members
        2. Then November 1st will be open registration for everyone else
      4. Help With Historical List of Members
        1. See above
    4. Women's Fall League at WCP
      1. Oct 2nd will run for 6 weeks
      2. Oct 30th is a bye week
      3. Clinics are at 9, check in 9:45, tee time at 10
      4. 14 holes at Woodland
      5. Cost is $20 for the entire 6 weeks
      6. Single round is $5
      7. If you want to play and not participate in scoring, just come and play
      8. viii. $2 mulligan per week is offered
      9. Ace pot will be available as well
    5. Couio Park Update
      1. Open house last night, and presented the early designs to the public
      2. Disc golf course was modified from what was proposed, however it will be figured out more when the city starts clearing the property
      3. City is very excited about disc golf and they are still finalizing the drawings
      4. More to come!
        1. Will be a park in 2024
      5. Contact John Anderson if you need or want more details
    6. Evergreen Sportsman’s Club
      1. They approached the club about a month ago
      2. Shooting range near capitol forest
      3. Wants to see our plan and then will go from there
        1. Club will need large excavator as the land has already been logged and has 2nd growth on it
        2. Will be fee to play
        3. 60 acres
        4. 150 camp sites on site
        5. Large industrial kitchen to use for events
      4. Next steps is to find an excavator
        1. And finalize the design
    7. Evergreen College
      1. Club proposed a new area of land off F lot towards the water and trails
      2. Evergreen is looking into proposal
      3. Evergreen wants to make money on the Disc Golf Course
        1. How does the club monetize the course?
          1. Yearly membership with parking pass included?
          2. The club needs to find a way to start making money on the course for evergreen
    8. Trailer
      1. It is currently at Skyline and will be possibly picked up and taken to Long Beach
        1. Skyline purchased 18 baskets and already installed
      2. The Trailer has been a huge success so far
      3. Idea to add course logos that the trailer has been at and been successful in installing a course
    9. A Tier Plans
      1. South Sound Classic will continue to submit for A tier until PDGA approves it
        1. PackEx in $3000 added cash
        2. Same layout
          1. 1 course each day
          2. Delphi 1st, Woodland 2nd, Evergreen 3rd day
    10. Quack of Dawn
      1. Happening Oct 15th
      2. Folks stepping up to help to TD it
      3. 48 players allowed, 9 am -11 am tee off times
      4. $5 to Delphi, $10 to pot for Quack, non club members are an extra $5 and will go to club
      5. Proposed $5 for non club member go to Odus spring and fall opens
        1. Put up for vote
        2. Passed, all money from non club members will roll into Odus spring and fall
    11. 2023 Bag Tag League
      1. Changes coming to the league next year
      2. No tags next year
      3. New membership tracking will be used to be apart of the league
      4. Ratings system will be new for the league
        1. Similar to chess system
        2. With Points
      5. Big final at the end
      6. Will be events with a tournament manager to allow folks to run their own league events for points
      7. Big exciting updates coming in 2023 for bag tag league
      8. viii. Sign up for a membership, fee to play in the league
      9. Start in april roughly and run through October
      10. Josh and Rob contact with questions
    12. Budget Dream List
      1. Canopy SPSDGA branded
      2. Property
        1. SPSDGA headquarters
      3. 18 more baskets and another trailer
      4. Excavator
      5. Tow vehicle for trailer
      6. Club computer with software to allow vector transfers
        1. Adobe software subscription to the club?
      7. Brush hog
      8. viii.Things to chew the forest
    13. Gift Cards for Dubs
      1. After a month if the discs don’t get claimed, PackEx purchases the discs from the club
      2. Idea proposed to purchase the discs with PackEx gift cards
        1. Cheaper for the shop to do it this way
        2. Bring traffic to the shop
        3. Gotta make money to spend money
        4. Easier for PackEx to manage
        5. Provides the club for gift cards to hand out
    14. Nominations for Board Positions
      1. All 5 positions are up for nomination
      2. All current board members nominated and accepted
      3. Rob Bech nominated, accepted
      4. John M nominated, accepted
      5. Nominations are open through October, and will close a week prior to voting (next club meeting)
      6. Discussions around expanding the board to 7 but will need to look into by laws
  3. Course Updates
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Lacey approved putting bricks into the ground but gave us hard requirements around placing them in the ground with regular bricks
        1. Club will look into feasibility of the requirements on this and report at a future club meeting
    2. Delphi
      1. Nothing new
    3. Evergreen
      1. Small pad for portapotty by hole 10, or 12
  4. New Disc Golf Course Leads
  5. Anything Missed
    1. Thoughts around combining multiple B tiers and funneling them into a championship in the south sound.  More to come on this idea.
      1. Will put this on Novembers agenda
    2. Larger pool of people that can be used for Dubs to run events
      1. Vetted folks that are able to step in that are good with money, and can run the shuffling of dubs
    3. Glow event?
  6. Thank you for being SPSDGA