2022 December Club Meeting



4660 Whitman Ln SE suite C,
Lacey, WA 98513
United States

Event Details

Yearly wrap up meeting. 

Meeting Notes

12/12/22 6:30 pm, At Don Garcias

President: John Anderson

Vice President: Josh Kendall

Treasurer: Mark Hill

Secretary: Jeff Snowden

At Large: Grandpa Dave



  1. Account Balance, assets, and location of assets
    1. Current Balance:  $7593.73, Paypal $4,400.37, Savings $11,856.59 (Washington Team Disc Golf account)
    2. Current assets:
      1. Two Tables burned (Mark), two table non burned (Mark) Pop Up Canopy(GPD), Score point (GPD), large cooler (GPD)
      2. Club Discs (Mark), Glow discs from Scott Lake (Josh) , Team Oly  MVP stamped discs (board members sans Josh)
      3. Brush Trimmer - Old (GPD),  Brush Trimmer - New (GPD) chain saw and accessories (John), Wheelbarrow (GPD)
      4. Club trailer with 18 Mach 5s, 1 Donated Mach 3 w/ 21 locks painted brown w/ trailer and the rental baskets, A Frames (Rented)
    3. Keys to WCC Baskets (John, Mark, GPD, Josh, Jeff, Rob)
    4. Keys to Trailers baskets  (John has extra, set with trailer)
    5. SPSDGA Sign (Jeff)
    6. Keys to L&F
      1. Woodland ( GPD, John and Rob,  Dubs Binder)
      2. Evergreen L&F (Rob, John, and Dubs Binder)
    7. Traffic Cones (Trailer, GPD, Gilbys)
    8. Membership
      1. 2022 -  158
      2. 2023 - 55 members so far
  2. New Agenda Items
    1. League Update
      1. Tags will kept in the league and be managed by Rob Beach
      2. Bag tag league is back on
      3. Every-other detail about the league will be the same
        1. Clubs website will be used for the portal for the league
      4. Rob Beach will be running most of the events
      5. Some ideas on how to make the league more interesting - doubles matches, etc however nothing confirmed yet
    2. 2023 Membership
      1. $25 dollars with new benefits
        1. Early access to events and allow you to sign up early
        2. Membership Invitational CX tier
        3. $5 dollars off your PDGA membership
        4. $5 off PackEx
        5. $5 off quack of dawn
      2. Membership #’s will be published at the beginning of the year and an email will be sent out
        1. Vip List proposal
          1. Craig Carlson - Aye by 15
          2. Matt Johnson  - 7 opposed, 8 didn’t vote
            1. Matt not voted in to VIP
    3. 2022 Year in Review
      1. Accomplishments
        1. South Sound Classic
        2. Woodland Creek Classic
        3. Odus Spring Open
        4. Bag Tag League
        5. Washington State Senior Games
        6. Evergreen Equinox
        7. Ice Bowl @ Woodland Creek
        8. Dynamic Discs Veteran for Vets
        9. Trilogy Challenge
        10. Woodland Creek BYOP fundraiser
        11. Dynamic Discs Amateur Match Play
        12. Woodland Creek Friday Night Dubs
        13. Evergreen Sunday Morning Dubs
        14. Elma thursday Doubles
        15. Quack of Dawn PDGA League
        16. Odus Fall Open
      2. Projects
        1. Evergreen Hole 3 Bridge
        2. Woodland Creek 5- hole expansion with new kiosk signage
        3. Woodland Creek Tee Signs
        4. Delphi Tee Signs
        5. Mobile Disc Golf Course
        6. Couio Park Design
        7. Start Partnership with Evergreen Sportsmen’s Club
        8. Online Bag tag scoring system
        9. New Rating System on website
        10. Permanent Legacy Member Numbers
        11. MVP Bottle Cap Discs
        12. SPSDGA Patches
        13. Woodland Creek and Evergreen Lost and Found
          1. PackEx disc golf has sold over 1k used discs from the lost and found
            1. Discs not picked up in 60 days will be put into used pile
        14. Porta Pottie Pad at Evergreen
    4. Volunteer Coordinator for events
      1. Talk about adding a position to the board in the past, but we would love someone to step up as a volunteer coordinator for events
        1. Work part volunteering
        2. Volunteering for the event day of
          1. Set up
          2. Tear down
      2. We need more people to step up to help run events
        1. Day of
        2. Ahead of time
        3. Course set up
        4. Course Tear down
        5. OB Lines
      3. Historically its a very small list of the same folks that show up and more help is needed to be successful with larger events and future plans the club has
      4. Rick Gill - nominated and voted in for volunteer coordinator for 2023, 15 yays
        1. Thank you for stepping up Rick
    5. Course Specific Needs Checklist
      1. To make it easier for new TDs to run events
        1. List of specific things that are important to each course
          1. Ex spotters
          2. Where to place water
          3. Paperwork requirements
          4. Signage requirements
    6. 2023 Events
      1. Super Throw Saturday
        1. Triples event at Delphi
        2. Saturday after Super Bowl
        3. Feb 18th
        4. Disc Golf Scene for Sign ups
        5. Safari Layout - 30 holes
        6. Fundraiser for the Odus events
      2. Odus Spring Open
        1. April 15-16, 2023
      3. SPSDGA Member Invitational
        1. May 6th - Woodland Creek 20 hole layout
      4. South Sound Classic BYOP Doubles
        1. May 7th - Raising funds for the A tier
      5. Falling Tree Open
        1. May 13th and 14th
        2. B Tier - Masters Tournament 40 and over
        3. Shelton Springs
        4. Evergreen
      6. South Sound Classic is now an A tier with PackEx Disc Golf as the title sponsor
        1. July 28th, Delphi
        2. July 29th, Woodland Creek
        3. July 30th, Evergreen
        4. Mark Hill and Jeff Snowden are TDs
        5. We are looking for more business sponsors for the event
      7. Woodland Creek Classic
        1. Sept 30th - Oct 1st
      8. viii.Odus Fall Open
        1. Sept 16-17th 2023
        2. Finale for PackEx Cup
      9. Evergreen Equinox
        1. Spring - TBD
          1. March
        2. Fall - TBD
          1. Sept
    7. Purchasing Equipment for SPSDGA
      1. Nets and Practice Basket
        1. Club already has a Mach 5 and the club will purchase a portable base
        2. Practice Nets
        3. 15 ayes
      2. Canopy SPSDGA branded
    8. Evergreen Sportsman Club
      1. Laid out 9 holes on the hillside
      2. Trying to lay out the entire course fully in the next few months so we can let them know where not to plant trees
      3. Work parties are needed there to help determine the course
      4. Ben Philips will be looking into viability of an excavator to help clear the property
        1. Lots of the fairways have been logged and lots of things will need to be pushed out of the way
      5. Its a non profit club
        1. Camping is on site
        2. Professional Kitchen on site
    9. Trailer Update
      1. Still rented at Long Beach through the end of the month
    10. Trees at Evergreen
      1. There are a few trees that need to be trimmed out there
        1. The club will look into the cost of these trees soon and schedule a work party afterwards
    11. Budget Dream List
      1. Property
        1. SPSDGA headquarters
      2. 18 more baskets and another trailer
      3. Excavator
      4. Tow vehicle for trailer
      5. Club computer with software to allow vector transfers
        1. Adobe software subscription to the club?
      6. Things to chew the forest up with
  3. Course Updates
    1. Woodland Creek
      1. Nothing new, playing well
    2. Delphi
      1. Playing great
    3. Evergreen
      1. Tree issues that need figured out before the spring
  4. New Disc Golf Course Leads
  5. Anything Missed
    1. Motion made to purchase and install Evergreen tee signs
      1. 2nded
      2. 14 ayes
      3. Club will purchase and install new tee signs soon
  6. Thank you for being SPSDGA